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Note for:   Evelyn Lila Marie Simler,   27 FEB 1916 - 30 JAN 1936         Index

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     Evelyn Lila Marie SIMLER md 14 Apr 1934 Russell Albert Thomas WILDER.

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Note for:   Leona E. Havens,   ABT 1899 -          Index

Individual Note:
     Swallow, Leona E.
     Age: 31 Year: 1930
     Birthplace: Roll: T626_552
     Race: Page: 3B

     State: Illinois ED: 44

     County: Rock Island Image: 0870

     Township: Moline
     Relationship: Wife

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Note for:   Luther L. Swallow,   ABT 1894 -          Index

Individual Note:
     1920 Scott Co. Iowa
Davenport, 31st precint
ED 175, Sheet 25A
East 14th Street
28 January 1920

Swallow, Luther 26 IN IN IN (street car conductor)
        Leona 21 IL IL IL
        Virginia 2 7/12 IL IN IL
        Dallas 11 /12 IA IN IL
1930 Rock Island, IL, Moline City
ED 81-44, Sheet 3B
10 April 1930

Swallow, Luther L. 36 IN IN IN (switchman on C.R.S.&P.?)
        Leona E. 31 IL OH IL
        Virginia R. 12 IL IN IL
        Dallas L. 11 IA IN IL

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Note for:   Charlotte Havens,   ABT 1878 -          Index

Individual Note:
     1930 Moline, Rock Island, IL
Ward 7, ED 81-58, Sheet 12A
Image 39, Ancestry Image 23 of 33

Duffer, Hezzikiah B. 51 TN TN TN (married 23 yrs.) (machinist at Farm Impliment)
        Charolette 52 IL IL IL (married 23 yrs.) (nurse at factory)
Havens, Christopher 75 IL OH KY (father-in-law)
        Harrison 48 MO IL IL (laborer @@ odd jobs)

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Note for:   Mary Hicks,   1865 -          Index

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     In 1880, Burton Twp, Adams Co. IL,
the Fleming Hicks family was living
next door to the "METZ" family.
Could be that Mary Hicks was married
to a METZ, and not a MERTZ.

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Note for:   William Frederick Bartylla,    -          Index

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     Name: William Bartylla
Age: 14
Estimated birth year: abt 1916
Relation to head-of-house: Son
Father's Name: John Bartylla
Mother's Name: Minnie Bartylla
Home in 1930: Browerville, Todd, Minnesota
Image source: Year: 1930; Census Place: Browerville,
Todd, Minnesota; Roll: 1132; Page: ; Enumeration District: 5; Image: 622.0.

Parents, John Bartylla, & Minnie Bartylla


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Note for:   Julia Ann Hicks,   ABT 1862 - 16 OCT 1896         Index

     Type:   Fact 2 (2)
     Place:   Butteville Cem., "near" Wilsonville, Marion Co. OR

Individual Note:
     Sent: Monday, April 29, 2002 10:39 PM
Subject: Re: Julia Ann Hicks

I have done some, so have Nita Whitaker. Our new found cousin, Barbara
McGill lives in Usk, WA and is going to be making trips into the library to
find information. I need to scan what she just sent to me. Please feel free
to contact her directly also. She told me that any Hicks relative could have
her information.

Barbara McGill
PO Box 343
Usk, WA 99180

She is alot of fun to talk to. I think we were on the phone for about an

Have you been in contact with Theresa Mirabella? She is from the line of
Clarrisa Hicks Clanton.
From: kc7ujd []
    Sent: Monday, April 29, 2002 10:07 PM
    To: Tom Green
    Cc: Terri Mirabella; Sanford De Bow; Ronald Hicks; Nita Whitaker; Julia
    Subject: Julia Ann Hicks

    Hi Tom,
    I have a copy of the marriage license of Frederick Womelsdorff and Julia
Ann Hicks. It clearly states that her father is Stephen Hicks and his mother
is Walton. It does not show her first name. They were in McKee Township,
Adams Co, IL. One part of the document has her to be 19 while the backside says
17. They were married in her parents home. The ministers name was Joseph
Dierdorff. Date of marriage: 4/10/1879
    Cindy Kenyon
From: kc7ujd []

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Note for:   Bessie May Hicks,   17 DEC 1910 - 6 JUL 1991         Index

Individual Note:
     Note: have bmp file of Bessie's death certificate, in D: / Genealogy/ Hicks
I just found some information on Bessie Mae Bugh (Hicks). She was the
daughter of John Wesley Hicks and Lula T. Riker. Bessie was born
12/17/1910 in Clark Co, WA. She died at age 80 on July 6, 1991 in Contra
Costa Co, CA. Now I just need to find her son (Bessie's) from a
previous marriage.

Cindy Kenyon
Here is the latest on my Bessie Mae Hicks.

Bessie was born 12/17/1910 in Clark Co., WA. She was the daughter of
John Wesley Hicks and Lula Riker. She was married, we believe, two
times. Her first marriage, we believe, that she had a son. Her second
marriage was to Arthur Bugh. I do not as yet have that date. Arthur and
Bessie raised Ernie Hagen. He is believed to be that grandson of Bessie.
On the papers of the cremation arrangements for Arthur Bugh, Ernie is
listed as the grandson. In talking to Bugh relatives, he was not related
to the Bugh family but believed to be related to Bessie. Ernie's parents
were killed in a train wreck when he was a baby. He survived. Arthur
died 6/27/2000. :( I am trying to find Ernie. I have put in a call to
the funeral home that made the arrangements for Arthur to see if they
can help in my quest. Here is a copy of an email I received from a
wonderful person in California.

Contra Costa County
Local Registration District/Certificate # 39107003114
State File # 91-3114

Bessie Mae Bugh
DOD: 7/6/1991 at 7:54pm
Female, white
DOB: 12/17/1910
Age: 80yrs
POB: Washington
U.S. Citizen
FATHER: Unknown Hicks; POB: Unknown
MOTHER: Lula Unknown; POB: Washington
SS# 561-46-5746
Surviving spouse: Arthur Bugh
Usual occupation: Seamstress
Kind of business: Casket Manufacturer
Usual employer: Unknown
Years in occupation: 10
Education-years completed: 10
Usual residense: 339 Parker Ave #14
        Rodeo, California 94572
Number of years in this county: 15
POD: Doctor's Hospital
        2151 Appian Way
        Pinole, California
Informant: Arthur Bugh - Husband
Cause of death: A) Cardiopulmonary arrest (mins),
        B) Hemorrhagic pneumonitis (mins),
        C) Acute massive hemoptysis/hematemesis (mins)
Other significant conditions: Accute renal failure
Physician: David Hill, M.D.
        2160 Appian Way
        Pinole, California
Disposition: CR-RIF at 2293 Transon Way, San Leandro, Calif on
Funeral Director: Sunset View Cemetery Association, Berkeley, Calif.

I will keep you posted with any new info.

Cindy Kenyon

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Note for:   Gerald Day Hicks,   7 AUG 1922 - 29 JAN 1995         Index

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     Name Born Died Residence Last Benefit SSN Issued Request
GERALD HICKS 17 Aug 1922 29 Jan 1995 99301 Pasco, Franklin, WA 540-26-4189 OR (Before 1951)

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Note for:   Sarah V. Stergert,    -          Index

Individual Note:
     Can anyone help me find out what happened to Althura Hicks?? Her parents
were John Westley Hicks and Sarah V. Stegert of Clark Co., WA. She was
born approx.early 1890 in Clark Co., WA. John and Sarah divorced when
Althura was 7 months. Can anyone help???

Cindy (Hicks) Kenyon

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Note for:   Lula Riker,   ABT 1891 -          Index

Individual Note:
     13 April 1914, divorced

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Note for:   Albert Radas Russell,    -          Index

Individual Note:
Marriage: 23 Feb 1914, Kalama, Cowlitz, WA

Census 1: 1920, Buxton, Washington, OR
Census 2: 1930, Portland, Multnomah, OR
Immigration: 1887
Occupation 1: 1930, Logger
Occupation 2: 1920, Blacksmith

Marriage: 03 Mar 1920, Vancouver, Clark, WA

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Note for:   Benjamin Franklin Hicks,   24 FEB 1857 - 29 NOV 1926         Index

Individual Note:
     18 June 1880
Burton Twp, Adams Co. IL
Page 26B, ED 2
Ancestry Image 26 of 30

Hicks, Fleming 52 KY KY KY farmer
        Harriet 45 WV VA VA wife
        Benjamin 21 IL KY WV son
        Mary 15 IL KY WV dau.
        Effie 12 IL KY WV dau

My great great great grandfather was Fleming (also listed as Flemmon) Hicks
b abt 1794 in Kentucky and moved to McKee township, Adams county, Illinois.
I have him listed with his first wife Polly and three sons; Femming (also
listed as Plemmon) b.1825 my great great grandfather; Benjamin b.1829 and
Stephen b. 1838. I have his second wife Mary with children Allan b.1843,
William b. 1847, Mary b. 1849, Perry b. 1851, Margarete b. 1852, and Serelda
b. 1857.
Flemming(Plemmon)was married 12 Oct 1854 to Harriet Jane Dorst b. Abt 1825
in Virginia. Their children were Nusly? B.1855, Lois b. 1856, my great
grandfather Benjamin Franklin Hicks in Burton, Adams county, IL b. 24 Feb
1857, Virginia b. 1861, Mary b. 1865, and Effie b. 1869
My great grandfather married 9 Oct 1880in West Quincy, MO to Augusta Ellen
Holmes b. 15 Jul 1862 in Cliola, Adams, IL.
I don't know where the two Flemings died. My Bejamin and Augusta are buried
in Payson, Adams, IL. I was with my parents when we visited Augusta in
Payson in 1936. These are on my mother's side.
In June I hope to visit some of my cousins in Quincy and do some more
Walt Dean
-----Original Message-----
From: Jerry Kenyon
Date: Friday, February 25, 2000 6:00 PM
Ben Hicks, in later years operated a small truck garden in Payson and sold to specialized market and restruants as far away as Quincy and Hanibal. I have several pictures of him and I can scan them but never been able how to email them. He was also an itinerant preacher of the gospel. I'm having trouble getting all of my family history into my new computer. Had old one worked on last year and their messing with it wiped out some of my files. Am trying to sort thru a lot of old flloppies to see what I'd backed up that wasn't in my genealogical program Family Origins. I was 9 years old in 1936 the last time I saw my great grandmother Augusta Holmes Hicks in Payson. She died in 1941. Ben died 4 months before I was born. I intend to visit the Quincy area in June to visit a couple 1st cousins and do more research. Ben, Augusta and their daughter, my grandmother Lillie Julia Hicks Castle are all buried in unmarked graves in Payson. The cemetery records have been lost. My mother said they were buried by the back fence when we visited in 1945 but the fence has since been moved to enlarge the cemetery. My cousin said she remembered about where it was a few years ago, but she hadn't been there in 25 years. If I had a time machine I wouldn't want to know the future but I'd sure like to go back, this time I'd listen to what the old folks talked about when they got together instead of going out to play. I grew up in South Dakota and very seldom saw many relatives. What I know is what I've been able to find out since what my mother told me just before she died, and she got some of it wrong.
Walt ( )
Benjamin Franklin Hicks was born 24 February 1859 in Burton Township, Adams county, Illinois. He was a Methodist Lay Circuit Rider Preacher, commercial fisherman on the Mississippi River and a commercial vegatable gardener. Ben and Augusta Ellen Holmes obtained their marraige license on 5 October 1880 at the court house in Palmyra, Marion county, Missouri, across the Mississippi River from Adams county,Illinois. They were married on 9 October 1880 in West Quincy, Marion county, Missouri.
Augusta was born in the villiage of Cliola, Ellington township, Adams, Illinois on 15 July 1862. Ben and Augusta lived in several locations during their married life, in 1900 they were in Quincy, Adams, Illinois. They had 8 children, including 2 sets of twins, only 4 children reached adulthood, 2 survived their father and only one son survived his mother.

I found a copy from a page of the family Bible of my great grandfather, Benjamin Franklin Hicks. Here are the 1st three entries, Fleming Hicks Died Jan. 20th 1893; Harriet Hicks Died August 22nd 1901; father Benjamin Hicks Senior Died Oct. 28 1889. It looks like my Benjamin may be the son of Benjamin and not Fleming

===========Father was born in Franklin, Simpson county, Kentucky. Benjamin was a Methodist Lay Circuit Rider Preacher & commercial gardener,(picture with cultivator in garden).
Obituary: Aged Resident of Payson Dies Suddenly Monday The news of the sudden death of Uncle Benjamin Hicks Monday afternoon at his home in Payson, was a surprise to his many friends residents of this village and elsewhere he was known. He was at the time employed in preparing a supply of firewood for the evening, relying upon his buck saw as the chief tool, in cutting away the stove lengths. During the early spring Uncle Ben, as he was generally known in Payson, suffered a severe attack of pneumonia. He never fully recovered , and frequently told his friends about his failing health. He developed a serious heart affliction and the malady increased as the weeks went by. Therefore unaware the thread of life was severed, while he was engaged in his work about the home. While he had consulted a physician since his convalesence, several weeks ago, it was decided to hold an inquest, the jury bringing in a verdict of heart lesion. Mr. and Mrs. Hicks moved to this village nine years ago. During this time he made the aquaintance of a host of friends. During the pastorate of Dr. J.G. Brooks, became a member of the Payson Congregational church. Since his admission he has been faithful in the service, and enjoyed the goodwill of all whom he came in contact.
He was a gardener by occupation, selling vegtables in the village, Hanibal, and Quincy. In the latter cities his integrty became well known. Benjamin Hicks, son of Flemmon and Harriet Jane Hicks, was born at Burton, February 24 1859, passed away Monday, November 29, 1926, aged 67, 9 months and 5 days. On October 9, 1880, he was united in marriage Miss Agusta Ellen Holmes, at West Quincy. To this union eight children were born, two of whom remain. Mrs. Castle of Quincy and Lincoln of Fresno, Calif. On March 4th 1923, Mr. and Mrs.Hicks became members of the Congregational church of Payson. He is survived by his wife,, by his children above mentioned, and by three sisters; Mrs. John Shaw, of Alton; Mrs. Mary Mitts, of Quincy; and Mrs. C. C. Havens, of Moline; also by several nieces. Mrs. Edw. Glay, of Morris being among the number. He is also survived by twelve grandchildren. Funeral was conducted Thursday, with a short service at the Wm. C. Cosgrove Funeral Home, and at the Congregational church at 2 o'clock. Interment in the Payson cemetery. Dr. Henry W. Tuttle, pastor officiating.

There was a family story that he would bring hoboes home for a meal. His wife, Agusta, would make them go into a shed to remove their clothes that she would wash in a big pot in the back yard before she would feed them.

Ben & Augusta obtained their marraige license on 5 October 1880.(have copy).
Ben and Augusta Hicks signed as witnesses on Elizabeth A. M. (Hicks) Marsh's
widowers pension application in Quincy, Adams Co. IL. Elizabeth was dau. of
Cornelius and Elizabeth (Hicks) Hicks.

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Note for:   Marion Hicks,    -          Index

Individual Note:
     1st cousin Marion Hicks in Fresno. He has the Benjamin & Augusta
Holmes family bible, his grandparents.
Source: Walt Dean