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Note for:   Thelma Janet HILL,   ABT 1932 -          Index

Individual Note:
     Thelma Janet HILL md 3 Dec 1955 Lawrence Albert WILDER.

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Note for:   Kenneth DYER,   ABT 1926 -          Index

Individual Note:
     Kenneth DYER md 5 May 1959 Margaret Lillian WILDER.

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Note for:   David Ralph WISSER,   ABT 1934 -          Index

Individual Note:
     David Ralph WISSER md 14 Apr 1975 Grace Irene WILDER.

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Note for:   Helen Janette EADS,   ABT 1943 -          Index

Individual Note:
     Helen Janette EADS md 8 Sep 1961 Donald Lee WILDER.

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Note for:   Gloria J COURSON,   ABT 1946 -          Index

Individual Note:
     Gloria J COURSON md 11 Dec 1964 Kenneth Raymond.

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Note for:   Louise Wilhelmine Hintz,   6 MAY 1894 - 16 FEB 1978         Index

Individual Note:
     Sherman C. WILDER married a 2nd wife Esther Elizabeth NYSTRAND, was sealed to
her but had no children. Sherman was never sealed to wife number 1.

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Note for:   Rachel Dorothy Hicks,   1 JAN 1843 - 15 SEP 1914         Index

Individual Note:
     Rachel Dorothy Hicks md (2) abt 1863 James P RUSSELL.
Year: 1880 June 11
Census Place: Berreman, Jo Daviess, Illinois
Roll: T9_216
Family History Film: 1254216
Page: 184D
Enumeration District: 48
Image: 0554

Spiers, Thomas 38 Eng Eng Eng Laborer
        Rachel 37 IL KY KY Keeping House
Russell, Hattie M. E. 13 IL OH IL At School (Step Daughter)

    Name: Hattie M. E. RUSSELL
    Age: 13
    Estimated birth year: <1867>
    Birthplace: Illinois
    Relation: SDau
    Home in 1880: Berreman, Jo Daviess, Illinois
    Occupation: At School
    Marital status: Single
    Race: White
    Gender: Female
    Head of household: Thomas SPIERS
    Father's birthplace: OH
    Mother's birthplace: IL

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Note for:   George M Wilder,   ABT 1908 -          Index

Individual Note:
     George M WILDER md abt 1928 Doris WILDER.

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Note for:   James William Russell,   15 SEP 1864 - 20 MAY 1882         Index

Individual Note:
     Chd 1 James William RUSSELL died at 18 yrs from gun accident in boat, not md.

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Note for:   Sherman John Henry Joseph Wilder,   8 JUL 1912 -          Index

Individual Note:
     Sherman went to Central Bible Institute in Springfield, Missouri. In 1938
Sherman married a Gladys PIERSON in Quincy, Adams, Illinois.

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Note for:   Russell Albert Thomas Wilder,   17 SEP 1913 - 7 FEB 1987         Index

Individual Note:
     Russell was a truck driver most of his life. He was married to a Evelyn SIMLER
and had one child. This first wife died young. He married his 2nd wife,
Isabella LAMBRECHT 29 May 1937. Isabella had a family of four children from
her first marriage. Russell's child by his first wife Evelyn, had a large
family. Her name is Betty WILDER.
Russell is a given name and not a "Sir Name."

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Note for:   LeRoy Orin Robert Wilder,   10 FEB 1916 -          Index

Individual Note:
     LeRoy Orin Robert WILDER Tool Maker

LeRoy O. R. WILDER md (1) 1 May 1937 Clara FRERE had 2 children (div).
LeRoy O. R. WILDER md (2) 14 Feb 1942 Aleen Joy JOHNSON had 1 child (div).
LeRoy O. R. WILDER md (3) 25 Jul 1964 Margaret SELBY EDWARDS no children.

MARRIAGES (1) 1 May 1937 Clara FRERE (div)- (2) 14 Feb 1942 Aleen JOHNSON (div)
        (3) 25 Jul 1964 md Margaret SELBY EDWARDS

I am LeRoy WILDER, the compiler of this genealogy. My first marriage was
to Clara Marie FRERE, 1 May 1937 from which I had two children. The second
marriage was to Aleen Joy JOHNSON, 14 Feb 1942 from which I had one boy.
Both marriages ended in divorce. I am now married to Margaret SELBY
EDWARDS WILDER. She also has a family of four. Margaret SELBY & I LeRoy WILDER
were Sealed in the LAng Temple after our marriage on 25 Jul 1964'
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Note for:   Virginia Marie Wilder,   12 APR 1917 -          Index

Individual Note:
     Virginia married a Donald WRIGHT on 14 Nov 1936, he having four children by
a previous marriage. Virginia had two girls in this marriage.

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Note for:   Gladys PIERSON,   20 AUG 1919 -          Index

Individual Note:
     Gladys PIERSON md Aug 1938 Rev Sherman John Henry Joseph of Quincy, Ill.