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Note for:   Russell James Dilts,   9 JUN 1927 -          Index

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     Goes by the name "Jimmy".

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Note for:   Russell Jay Dilts,   16 SEP 1902 - 1956         Index

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     1930 White Bear Lake, Ramsey Co. MN
Sheet 16B, ED 178
April 19, 1930
Dilts, Russell 28, IA, IA, IA (common laborer)
        Winifred 31 MN, MN, MN
        Peter 4 9/12 MN, IA, MN
        James 2 10/12 MN, IA, MN
        Joseph 1 6/12 MN, IA, MN

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Note for:   Woodrow Wilson Dilts,   24 FEB 1919 - 25 MAR 1992         Index

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Surname: Dilts
Given Name: Woodrow
Middle Name: Wilson
Sex: Male
Birth Date 24 Feb 1919
Death Date 25 Mar 1992
Birth Place CANADA
Death Place BUTTE
Social Security # 474071569
Mother's Maiden Name PALMER
SSN 474-07-1569 Residence: 95954 Magalia, Butte, CA
     Born 24 Feb 1919 Last Benefit:
NEW: More Records
     Died 25 Mar 1992 Issued: MN (Before 1951)

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Note for:   Bernard Lauren Diltz,   1 APR 1913 - 18 AUG 1995         Index

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Note for:   "Gert" \\ Gertrude,    -          Index

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Note for:   Margaret Diltz,    -          Index

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     Called "Peggy".

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Note for:   Elton John Green,   14 FEB 1928 - 23 OCT 1999         Index

Individual Note:
The Story -
        Elton was born on the 14th of February, 1928, to Frederick Arthur and Beatrice Isabel (Dilts) Green, at the family's home in White Bear Lake, Ramsey Co. MN. It must have been an extra special day to Fred and Bea, to have their first child born on Valentine's Day
        In 1931, Fred, Bea, and children Elton, Lloyd, and Anna May, moved to Remer, and took up farming. Why the family moved to Remer is "unknown". Perhaps the depression had something to do with it, as there might not have been any jobs available in the "big city". Land was obtained, and a cabin built (link to cabin photo) on the east side of Little Sand Lake, which was about four miles north of Remer.
        Back then, and in some cases yet today, farming was more of a way of "existing", rather than an "occupation". The family grew what they could in their garden, kept some cattle for meat and milk, and did some hunting and fishing. Any extra milk was taken to town and sold at the creamery. After a few years, Fred and Bea were tired of just "existing", as they took the opportunity of "greener pastures" elsewhere. Some would say they were part Gypsy. Once they were on the move again, their wandering took them back to White Bear Lake, Minnesota; Globe, Arizona; and Mexico, before finally settling down again "permanantly" in Minnesota in the 1940's.
        Fred's natural talents, and "learn on the go" farming skills, developed into mechanical skills. With the advent of Henry Fords $500 dollar cars, and World War II in the horizon, Fred's talents came in handy. He managed to find jobs in Arizona and Mexico as a civilian, helping Uncle Sam in the war effort.
        The 1940's found the Fred Green family back in Remer. Once again, I'm not sure of the "lure", but farming was the calling again. After working for "Uncle", Fred probably wanted to be his "own boss " This time, land was obtained in a new location, close to Big Sand Lake, about two miles west of Remer. Another little cabin was built, along what is now refered to as the "Skunk Road". Perhaps it was Bea and the evolving of the "Women's Sufferage" movement, or perhaps Bea just "plain suffered" enough, as the family soon moved down the road a little ways, into an actual "house". Bea didn't move into a fairy tale "dream house" however, as I heard the story of Bea naming the wood heating barrel stove, "The Black Bastard". Seems the stove pipe decided to fall apart wilst many loaves of fresh baked bread were setting out to cool.
        Elton, our main character, was growing up fast. Even today, Remer has a hard time "holding" the attentions of many a young man. To "See the World", or Stare at the "ass end" of a cow for life ....... It wasn't a hard choice for Elton to "move on". Join the Army, and get a free ride out of town, was the plan. Elton, and his little brother Lloyd, a.k.a. as "Skee", were gone quicker than a Minnesota summer. Elton and Skee spent time together in Boot Camp, and then the Army sent them their separate ways. Elton was off to Fort Brag, Fayetteville, North Carolina.
        Elton's interest in Remer were not entirely forgotten, as he left a pretty little girl behind. Violet Hicks was her name. Elton was taking "no chances" on those "Southern Girls", so he asked Vi for her hand in marriage before leaving Remer. Violet said yes..... She wanted a "man of the world " and adventure ..... not playing second fiddle to some "farmer Brown" in Remer. Vi was soon on a train with her girlfriend, and maid of honor, to wed the newly settled Elton in North Carolina. (link to marriage certificate) A visit to a little chapel was soon arranged upon Vi's arrival, and Elton and Vi were "Man and Wife". They soon were established, and set up in their very own trailer-house. (link to trailer photo) Taj Mah Hall it wasn't, but it was a cozy start, to over 50 years of marriage.
Name Birth Death Last Residence Last Benefit SSN Issued
ELTON GREEN 14 Feb 1928 23 Oct 1999 56672 (Remer, Cass, MN) (none specified) 527-22-5117 Arizona

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Note for:   Cora Ellen Rice,   15 MAY 1889 - 9 FEB 1974         Index

     Type:   Fact 2 (2)
     Place:   Harrowby, Cemetery

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Note for:   Mary E. Burns,   1830 - 16 JAN 1876         Index

Individual Note:
     Primary Subject - Dilts, Mary E
Source - Methodist Cemetery Census
Date of Death - Jan 16 1876 Date of Burial -
Cemetery - Methodist
Age on Gravestone - 46y Grave Designation - MET105
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------
Notes - Wife Of J N
Primary Subject - Dilts, Mary E

Source - Works Progress Administration Cemetery Census of 1937-8
Birth Date - 1830
Date of Death - 1876/1/16
Cemetery - Methodist
Notes - wife of John N
Is this a relative of Mary Burns?
Michigan, Berrien County
22 Apr 1847
Spouse: Burns, Samuel
Garwood, Susannah
Michigan Marriages From 1840 to 1899, Surnames
Page 86

     DILTS, JOHN H. marr. BURNS, NANCY 08/10/1848
Note: Which marriage record is correct? Nancy Burns,
Mary Burns, October 08, 1848, August 10th 1848,
John N. Dilts, or John H. Dilts

     DILTZ, A. marr. HERRING, MASON E. 06/05/1849

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Note for:   Clarence Gailord Rice,   31 OCT 1881 - 11 MAY 1954         Index

Individual Note:
Fact 1: October 31, 1881, Born - Livermore, Iowa
Fact 2: August 15, 1906, Married
Fact 3: May 11, 1954, Died - 72 years old
Fact 4: Lived in Nipawin, Saskatchewan
Fact 5: Spent 10 years in Duncan
Fact 6: VI Ranger Corps - WWII
Clarence Gailord RICE
Birth: 31 Oct 1881 Livermore, Humboldt, IA
Death: 11 May 1954 Cowichan Station, British Columbia, Canada
Residence: 10 years Duncan, Saskatchewan, Canada
Military: Ranger Corps WWII
AFN: 4C87-BD
Residence: Nipawin, Saskatchewan, Canada
Spouse: Louie Jain DILTS (m 15 Aug 1906)
Spouse: Frances MAZY (m 1920)

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Note for:   William Frederick McVey,   14 SEP 1875 - 17 MAR 1966         Index

Individual Note:
     William Frederick Mcvey
Birth: 14 September 1875-- Marion, Columbia, IA
Death: 17 March 1966 -- Chariton, Lucas, IA
Spouse: Hattie Dilts
Parents: John Crafton Mcvey, Sarah E Huffman

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Note for:   Hattie L. Dilts,   ABT 1882 -          Index

Individual Note:
     I will wait for the information I am hoping to get
from the Harrowby/Russell, Manitoba area. Maybe I'll have to make
another trip. I seem to get the most information when I go and look for
myself. My cousin in Langenburg has told me that her mother told her
that Hattie was at one time married to William Eli Rice. She left him
after ten years of marriage. William McVey apparently left her because
she was unfaithful. (William McVey later married Gertrude Rice. She was
Vern Taylor's great Grandmother). Lawrence Rice of Millwood, Manitoba, a
nephew of William Eli Rice, told me on the phone last weekend that he
knew her as Hattie Black.
Source: Blair Rice
Monroe County Iowa Genealogical Resource Database

Primary Subject - Diltz, Hattie L
Source - Marriage Book 9
Reference Page - 281
Birth Date - Veteran -
Age at Marriage - 15
Recorded Marriage Date - 7 Dec 1897
Spouse - McVey, William F

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Note for:   William Eli Rice,   27 MAY 1874 - 13 MAR 1964         Index

     Type:   Fact 2 (2)
     Place:   Marchwell, Saskatchewan, Canada Bethal L

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Note for:   Edith Anne Rice,   20 JUL 1908 - 3 JUN 1973         Index

Individual Note:
     5. EDITH ANNE4 RICE (LOUIS JANE3 DILTS, EUNICE A.2 SMITH, JAMES1) was born July 20, 1908 in Wroxton, Saskatchewan, and died June 03, 1973 in Cadillac, Saskatchewan. She married (1) ROBERT LAIDLAW November 12, 1930 in Spy Hill, Saskatchewan. She married (2) FRED DRIVER June 08, 1971 in Cadillac, Saskatchewan.

Fact 1: Was raised by Grandma Cora Dilts
Fact 2: Daughters Ida and Olive were born on
Fact 3: the farm, south of Wroxton