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Note for:   John F. Smith,   18 OCT 1847 - 3 MAY 1898         Index

Individual Note:
     John F. Smith (husband of Mary Samantha Beach) at age 15 and half
volunteered his services to his country, and was a drummer boy in the
Civil War. He was too young to enter the lines. Later he became a
corporal in Co. 1, 2nd Ohio Heavy Aritillery and was honorably dicharged
Aug. 23rd, 1865 at Nashville, TN. at age 18yrs. He died in 1898 at age
Also that Mary Samantha was born at Haldana, Ogle Co., IL. 3 Sep 1857.

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Note for:   John Francis Beach,   23 FEB 1873 - AFT 8 SEP 1932         Index

Individual Note:
     1914 Rural Tax Payers of Mt. Vernon, Linn County, IA.
Busenback, R. A., Mt. Vernon.
Beach, J. F., Mt. Vernon.
Busenback, Paul R., Mt. Vernon.
Beach, B. F., Mt. Vernon.
Beach, Mabel L., Mt. Vernon.
1900 Linn Co. Iowa Federal Census, Marion Township
National Archive Microfilm, Roll 443
7 June 1900, E.D. # 81, Sheet 5, Line 9, Occupation: Farmer
Beach, John F. Head Feb 1874 Iowa Ohio Iowa
        Mabel L. Wife Dec 1877 Iowa Indiana Iowa
Elrod, Francis M. F-L Aug 1841 Indiana N. Carol. N. Carolina
        Sarah B. M-L Jan 1851 Iowa Ohio Ohio
1920 Linn Co. Iowa, Federal Census, Mount Vernon, Franklin Township
21 January 1920, E.D. 95, Sheet 15, House # 1204, Visitation # 407,
Line 33, Enumerator- Luther M. Platelenberger?
Ancestry Image #29 of 30

Beach, Frank Head age 46
        Mabel Wife age 41
        Lois Faye dau. age 15

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Note for:   Lydia Agnes Beach,   27 MAR 1878 - 17 AUG 1942         Index

Individual Note:
     Is Lydia A. Beach also "Agnes Marshall", who is burried in Benjamin F. Beach's
cemetery lot? Page 7 of cemetery records. (Joan Nix)

Note, from Tom Green: I'm presuming that Lydia married a "Neasley", and had a son,
Clarence R. Neasley, because the 1900 Linn Co. Iowa Census for
Lydia's father, Benjamin F. Beach, shows a "grandson, Clarence
R. Neasley", and Lydia is the "most likely fit", to be the mother.
Year: 1920
Birthplace: Iowa
Roll: T625_500
Race: White
Page: 8A
State: Iowa
ED: 141
County: Linn
Image: 0955
Township: Rapids

Marshall, Milo S. 47 IA USA USA chopper of wood
        Agnes L. 41 IA OH IA
        Charles D. 19 IA IA IA chopper of wood
        Velma E. 16 IA IA IA covering box @@ oat meal mill
========================================================================== =

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Note for:   John Edward Beach,   18 MAY 1877 - 18 DEC 1929         Index

Individual Note:
     Obit of John Edward Beach
Mount Vernon Hawkeye Paper, 19 Dec 1929

Oil Truck Skids On Curves Just West of Mount Vernon
Turns Completely Over In The Ditch on North Side of Road Crushing Him in the Cab.

      "J.E. Beach was instantly killed about 9:00 o'clock wednesday morning when his oil truck skidded on the curve west of the J.G. Stockton place on the Lincoln Highway just beyond the overhead bridge west of town and turned over in the ditch crushing him in the cab.
      Two of Thos. Armstrong's boys Austin and Merwyn Armstrong, comming this way passed Mr. Beach on the curve, as the truck was beginning to skid and were the first ones to reach the wrecked truck. Seward Merritt and Alva Hunter in the Merritt wrecker were going to the Marley Clark hill where two cars were in the ditch and were only a short distance behind the oil truck. They hooked the wrecker onto the truck and raised it off of Mr. Beach as quickly as possible, but life had been crushed out of him.
      The news of this untimely tragedy was a distinct shock to "Ed's many friends in Mount Venon and vicinity. For years he had operated a tank truck here and nearly everyone knew and respected him. The family has the sympathy ofthe entire community.
      John Edward Beach, son of Mr. and Mrs. D.T. Beach, was born in Fredericktown, Ohio on May 8, 1877. He was united in marriage to Allie Horn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F.M. Horn, on February 6, 1900. For two years, they lived on a farm north of Marion. Later Mr. Beach was employed by a lumber firm in Marion. They have made their home in Mount Vernon for twenty years. Mr. Beach operated the Standard Oil tank wagon for 18 years. For the last year and half he has operated the Texaco tank wagon. He is survived by his parents, his wife, five children; Earl, near Springville, Mrs. Clarence Bohlander of Clinton, Rubye, Harold and Dorothy, who are at home.
Funeral services will be held on Saturday at 2:30 from the Presbyterian church in charge of Dr. H. C. Culver.
1920 Franklin Twp. Linn Co. IA
Page 1A, ED 95, Image 860
Ancestry Image #1
Beach, Edward 42 OH OH OH
        Allie 41 IA PA IA
        Earl 17 IA OH IA
        Clara 14 IA OH IA
        Ruby 11 IA OH IA
        Harold 7 IA OH IA

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Note for:   Royal Windom Beach,   10 FEB 1880 - 27 MAR 1951         Index

Individual Note:
     1920 Marion Twp. Linn Co. IA
Page 7B ED 102, Image 1032
Ancestry #14 of 21

Beach, Royal L. 39 OH OH OH
        Eva A. 37 IA IA IA
        Ruth M. 9 IA OH IA
        David C. 2 4/12 IA OH IA
1930 April 25
ED 57-26, Sheet 11B
Marion Twp, Linn Co. Iowa

Beach, Roy W. 50 OH OH OH
        Eva A. 47 IA IA IA
        Ruth M. 20 IA OH IA
        David C. 12 IA OH IA

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Note for:   Frederick Clayton Beach,   27 NOV 1881 - JAN 1974         Index

Individual Note:
1920 Linn County Iowa, Federal Census, Marion? or Maine? Township
E.D. #101, Sheet 3, Visitation #26, 5 January 1920
Enumerator: Alfred Coppack, Supervisor Dist.: #5,
Line # 17, National Archives Microfilm Roll 499
Beach, F. C. Head 38
        Bertha A. Wife 33
        Howard S. Son 13
        Marvin F. Son 11
        Ralph D. Son 10
        Esther E. Dau. 7
        Robert W. Son 1 5/12th
1930 April 21
Marion Twp. Linn Co. IA
ED 57-28, Sheet 5B
Beach, Fred C. 48 OH PA OH
        Bertha A. 43 IA PA IA
        Howard S. 23 IA OH IA
        Marvin F. 21 IA OH IA
        Ralph D. 20 IA OH IA
        Esther E. 18 IA OH IA
        Robert W. 11 IA OH IA
FREDERICK BEACH Request Information (SS-5)
     SSN 484-28-8572 Residence: 52302 Marion, Linn, IA
     Born 27 Nov 1881 Last Benefit:
     Died Jan 1974 Issued: IA (Before 1951)

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Note for:   Iva Inez Beach,   27 JUN 1885 - OCT 1985         Index

Individual Note:
     IVA WALTON Request Information (SS-5)
     SSN 482-80-6630 Residence: 52314 Mount Vernon, Linn, IA
     Born 27 Jun 1886 Last Benefit:
     Died Oct 1985 Issued: IA (1973)

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Note for:   Myra M. Beach,   22 JUN 1881 - AFT 8 SEP 1932         Index

Individual Note:
     Myra BEACH m Henry Franklin Caraway, b 1876.
Birthplace: Iowa
Roll: T625_499
Race: White
Page: 3B
State: Iowa ED: 82
County: Linn Image: 0620
Township: Bertram

Caraway, Harry F. 43 IA IA OH farmer, general farm
        Myra M. 38 IA OH IA
        Archie J. 16 IA
        Myrtle E. 15 IA
        Merle D. 13 IA
        Earl H. 10 IA
Census Place: Bertram, Linn, Iowa
Roll: T626_664
Page: 5A
Enumeration District: 2
Image: 0426

Caraway, Harry F. 53 IA IA OH farm laborer
        Myra M. 48 IA PA IA
        Merle D. 23 IA IA IA farm laborer

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Note for:   Richard Jay Beach,   26 SEP 1884 - AFT 1914         Index

Individual Note:
     On the 1914 Tax List for Linn Co. IA
Year: 1930
Census Place: Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa
Roll: T626_665
Page: 6B
Enumeration District: 45
Image: 0149
East 35th Street

Beach, R. Jay 45 IA OH IA (laborer @@ Packing House) (married age 22)
        Ella H. 45 IA Eng IA (general cleaning for private family) (married age 21)
        Bernice E. 17 IA IA IA

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Note for:   Gracie E. Beach,   6 AUG 1891 - AFT SEP 1932         Index

Individual Note:
     Year: 1920
Birthplace: New York
Roll: T625_500
Race: White
Page: 12B
State: Iowa
ED: 130
County: Linn
Image: 0694
Township: Rapids
2nd Street

Silver, Edward 45 NY NY NY Laborer @@ Cereal Mill
        Grace 28 IA OH IA

Year: 1930
Census Place: Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa
Roll: T626_665
Page: 7A
Enumeration District: 44
Image: 0120
B Avenue

Siver, Edward J. 55 NY NY NY (printing contractor for buildings)
        Gracie E. 38 IA IA OH
        Lucy E. 10 IA NY IA
        Benjamin J. 4 10/12 IA NY IA

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Note for:   Charles W. Beach,   15 FEB 1894 - 11 JUN 1950         Index

Individual Note:
     Was in World War I Honor Roll for Linn County Iowa.
Gravestone list him as " Iowa CPL., Inf., Repl. Regt. WWI "
Mount Vernon, Iowa, Thursday, June, 1950
Service are held for Charles Beach
"Funeral services for Charlie Beach, 56, a former resident of
Mount Vernon, were held in the Johnson and Morgan funeral
home Tuesday afternoon.
Mr. Beach died in Maquoketa Sunday at 5 a.m. after a long
illness. He is survived by his wife, Frances.
Rev. Charles Fletcher of Maquoketa was in charge of the services.
Internment was in the Mt. Vernon cemetery. Pall bearers were
Henry Wright, Luther Plattenberger, Carl Travis, A.J. Rogers,
S.N. Merritt and Harry Siggins".
1870 Linn County, Iowa Census Surname Index
Beach, Eddy L. 3 W. CEDAR RAPIDS 089
Beach, Emma MARION 223
Beach, Loran MARION TWP 245
Beach, Luman 2 W. CEDAR RAPIDS 107
Beach, Mary MAINE TWP 305
Beach, S. A. MAINE TWP 304
Linn County, Iowa Honor Roll

*****Beach, Charles W.; Mt. Vernon, Iowa.
Beach, Edgar Duecher; Mt. Vernon, Iowa.
Beach, Elmer C.; Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
Beach, Herschel L.; Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
BEACH Harold E. Sc.


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Note for:   Lois Faye Beach,   17 SEP 1904 -          Index

Birth Note: Source:    Linn Co. Iowa Federal Census, 1920, E.D. # 95, Sheet # 15, Supervisor Dist. # 5, House # 1204, Visitation # 407, Mount Vernon, Franklin Township.

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Note for:   Howard Secrist Beach,   5 NOV 1906 -          Index

Individual Note:
HOWARD BEACH Request Information (SS-5)
     SSN 484-44-8712 Residence: 52720 Atalissa, Muscatine, IA
     Born 5 Dec 1906 Last Benefit: 52720 Atalissa, Muscatine, IA
     Died May 1982 Issued: IA (1955)

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Note for:   Marvin Frederick Beach,   26 JUN 1908 - 29 JAN 1988         Index

Individual Note:
     Marvin F. Beach
SSN 481-44-6996
Residence: 52060 Maquoketa, Jackson, IA
Born 26 Jun 1908
Last Benefit: Died 29 Jan 1988
Issued: IA (1955)