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Note for:   Judson J. Beach,   1902 -          Index

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     CALLED JACK? Born where?
Note: On the 1930 Census below, it shows
Feyette and Keith Beach, neice and nephew
of Myrle (Beach) Steinmeyer. I do not know
which sibling of Myrle / Myrtle these children
belong to.

Multnomah Co. Portland Oregon
Dist 306, Sheet 5B, Image 2
East 48th Street

Steinmeyer, George 44, Foreman @@ Paint Warehouse
        Myrle 35, None
Beach, Feyette 14, Niece
        Keith 12 Nephew (caddy at golf course)
Name: Jack J Beach
Age: 28
Estimated birth year: abt 1902
Birthplace: Alaska
Relation to head-of-house: Head
Spouse's Name: Julia Beach
Race: White
Home in 1930: Portland, Multnomah, Oregon

Beach,Jack J.28AK IA IA (welder at furnace)
Julia28WY Ger Ger
Jackie 8OR AK WY (son)
Marie10OR AK WY

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Note for:   Lipha Iona Beach,   28 FEB 1897 -          Index

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     1930 Portland, Multnomah Co. OR
Dist 368, Sheet 5A, Image 151

Doyle, Paul 30 British Columbia / NJ / England (shipping clerk)
        Lepha 33 MN IA MN

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Note for:   Mary Ellia Beach,   23 JUL 1896 - BEF 7 JUL 1979         Index

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Note for:   Frank P. Sherart,   28 DEC 1836 -          Index

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     There is a marker at the Lowell Cemetery with Frank Sherart's name, and a notation in the records that a small stone nearby could be Sarah's marker. Frank voted for each presidential candidate of the Republican party since casting his first presidential vote for Abraham Lincoln in 1860.
Source: Richard C. Schmall, Three Creeks Historical Society, Lowell, Indiana -- History Of Lake County, by Rev. Ball.

E-mail from Doris J. Brozak, Porter and Lake Co. IN "helper", say's.....
Sherard, Frank P. Lt., is buried in Cedar Creek, Row 9, Cedar Creek Twp.

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Note for:   Charles Sherart,    -          Index

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     Charles was an electrician in Hammond, Indiana. Source: History of Lake County, by Rev. Ball.

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Note for:   Theodore Henry,    -          Index

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     Theodore was the assistant manager of the Denver Perpublic, published at Denver, Colorado. Source: History of Lake County, 1904, by Rev. Ball.

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Note for:   Robert King,    -          Index

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     Bob lives in Grand Rapids, Itasca Co. MN, on Highway 38 North.
Phone 326-5688

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Note for:   Christopher Columbus Wilson,   13 MAR 1846 - 7 MAY 1927         Index

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     I have a family data sheet for Clifford Earl Wilson, who
is related to Christopher Wilson (who married Nancy Cole),
but I don't know how. This data submitted by Rozanne Olson.
Howard & Rozanne Olson
21325 Frsno Ct
Richmond MN 56368

Family Group.....
Clifford Earl Wilson, b. 28 Jan 1900
m. 30 Sept. 1925, Baxter, Iowa, to
Anna Minnie Goeke, b. 22 Mar. 1905, d. 11 Jun. 1988
Richard C. Wilson
Keith Allan Wilson
Rozanne Wilson Olson
Ruth R. Wilson

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Note for:   Emma Beach,   ABT 1849 -          Index

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Mr. Hazleton has been in the office of the Clerk of the Courts since 1873. He served in the 106th Penn. V. I. during the late rebellion, from August, 1861, to November, 1862; he was Orderly Sergeant of Co. D. His first wife was Julia B. Taylor; she died in May, 1871; they had six children, only three now living--Charles Allen, Emma Bell and Willie Grant; the last-named lives with an uncle, by whom he was adopted when an infant. Mr. Hazleton's present wife was ****Emma A. Beach; they have one child, Della Louise. Mr. and Mrs. Hazleton are members of the Christian Church.

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Note for:   Stephen Beach,   3 APR 1855 - 15 AUG 1855         Index

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     Don't know who the parents of Stephen Beach are, but he
appears amongst the other children of William Beach Sr.,
in Joan Nix's "Wilson Family Bible" extracts.

Do you suppose Stephen and Lydia are children of Emily and
William Beach Sr., or perhaps of their son John "S." Beach, and
his spouse "Lydia" (Long) Beach?

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Note for:   Lydia Beach,   24 JUL 1856 - 31 AUG 1856         Index

Individual Note:
     Don't know who the parents of Lydia Beach are, but she
appears amongst the other children of William Beach Sr.,
in Joan Nix's "Wilson Family Bible" extracts.

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Note for:   Alice V. W. M. Smith,   6 SEP 1858 - 1931         Index

     Type:   Fact 2 (2)
     Place:   Mt. Vernon Cemetery, IA

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Note for:   David Tracy Beach,   2 MAR 1854 - 1934         Index

Individual Note:
     The "Leedy Chronicle", 1911-1919, reported that Ben and Tracy Beach
lived in Mt Vernon Iowa, where Tracy was a building contractor.
(Ted Elston, via the book, "Big Long Family in America",
1736-1979, written by Harvey Lawrence Long in 1981)
1900 Federal Census, Linn County, Iowa, Linn Township
16 June, 1900; Enumerator: Thomas C. Beechley; Line 63;
Enumeration District: 78; Microfilm page # 169B, sheet 9.
Beach, Tracy D. Head Mar 1854 Ohio Ohio Ohio
        Alice M. Wife Sept 1858 Ohio Ohio Maryland?
        Royal W. Son Feb 1880 Ohio Ohio Ohio
        Frederick C. Son Nov 1881 Ohio Ohio Ohio
        Iva S. Dau. June 1886 Ohio Ohio Ohio
1920 Federal Census, Linn County, Iowa, Mt. Vernon, Franklin Twp.
2 January 1920, E.D. - 95, Sheet 1, House# 514, Visitation # 29,
Enumerator- Luther M. Platelenberger?, Supervisor Dist. # 5
National Archives Microfilm Roll 499

Beach, David T. Head age 65 OH OH OH (Carpenter)
        Alice M. Wife age 61 OH OH Maryland

Note: Lived close to his brother Benjamin F. Beach
Note: Shown as "Tracy D. Beach" on census, and "David T. Beach"
1930 Linn Co. Iowa
Page 1A, ED 14, Image 0602
Franklin Township
Beach, David T. 76 OH
        Alice M. 71 OH
"Marriage Records of Knox County, Ohio

Pg. 206
David BEACH m. Alice V./W./M./ SMITH
20 Dec 1874 by B. D. Jones minister
Note: The following Beach line may be a son of David Tracy Beach,
needs investigation.

Alison Newhall (home email) (work)
Descendants of William T. Beach

Generation No. 1

1. WILLIAM T.1 BEACH was born 4 Jul 1878, and died 21 May 1957. He married

Source #104: Dod April 1905

2. i. GLADYS CLARA2 BEACH, b. 11 Mar 1905; d. 13 Feb 1981, Linn Co, IA.

Generation No. 2

2. GLADYS CLARA2 BEACH (WILLIAM T.1) was born 11 Mar 1905, and died 13 Feb
1981 in Linn Co, IA. She married BERNARD WILLIAM SCHENKEN 11 May 1926 in
Linn Co, IA.

After mother passed away, Gladys went to live with her grandparents Robert &
Elizabeth Oxley.

        i. LOYCE EVERETT3 SCHENKEN, b. 16 Oct 1927.
        ii. RUDOLF ROBERT SCHENKEN, b. 18 Dec 1930.

Alison Newhall
Office Manager
Wheat International
10515 Vista Sorrento Parkway
San Diego, CA 92121
(619) 558-3222
(619) 558-3230 fax

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Note for:   Mary Samantha Beach,   3 SEP 1857 -          Index

Individual Note:
     Lived in Lisbon Iowa 1911-1918
Not sure which "Smith" husband is father to three Smith girls.